We know how lucky we are to be able to ride and enjoy the freedom, joy, and connection that scootering brings. We also know that many are not so fortunate, so we want to make a difference to the lives of those who might not have those same opportunities. We do this is a few ways;

Salvation Army Red Shield Appeal
For many years, in fact for 4 generations in our founders family, we have been proud supporters of the Salvation Army, and in particular the Red Shield Appeal. The COVID-19 health crisis is having a devastating effect on many lives. But for some people the impact is being felt worst of all. Homelessness, financial hardship, isolation, and domestic violence cases are all increasing at alarming levels. That is why this year’s Red Shield Appeal is so vital. We must raise more money this year than we ever have before. Together, we must help those in need.

 In 2020/21 AtlasCo will donate 5% of all profit to The Red Shield Appeal Digital Doorknock and make it easy for you to donate directly if you can. Every little bit counts so spare a few bucks and help by donating to our Company page. 


 Vinnies Charity Sleepout 
AtlasCo are participating in the Vinnies Fundraising SleepOut On Friday 23rd October. We are sleeping out to shine a spotlight on homelessness and raise much needed funds for Vinnies NSW. There are more than 116,000 Australians experiencing homelessness in Australia each day. Alarmingly, approximately 60,000 of these are under the age of 35, and more than 17,000 children under the age of 12 don’t have a stable place to call home. Please help us reach our team's fundraising goal to help those in our community who need it the most. Head to our post on our feed 


AtlasCo Community Outreach 
Given that approx. 9000 young people (12-24 years old) are homeless in NSW in any given night and 27,680 across Australia, we feel it’s our duty to help support those young kids in need and try to give them an opportunity to have fun, connect and learn some new skills. Throughout the year we'll be launching some exciting initiatives for our AtlasCo community to be involved in, in partnership with numerous Charity organisations such as Oasis Youth Support Network, Street Level and Kids Giving Back.  

AtlasCo Ride Days
We want to roll up our sleeves and actively connect with young Australians who need help the most. We will run community outreach days where we give young people who don't  have the opportunity to scooter ride and experience the freedom, joy, and mateship that it brings, that chance.

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 If you’re interested in learning more and being involved in our AtlasCo Gives Program, please register here and we'll send you some more info about upcoming events.