Our team are a close family of amazing riders and we are honored to have such talented and progressive athletes on #TEAMATLASCO 
Although our focus is in our home turf Australia, and the majority of our team are Australians, we have built an International Team , with a few riders located internationally look for a mix of technical talent and sheer artistry, but equally riders that share our vibe of respect, positivity, progression, collaboration, family, and making a positive impact on others, along with undeniable X-Factor.

We work closely with the brands we represent, often creating co-sponsorships providing a win-win-win for our team, the scooter brands, and our store.

Each time you support our store, you are helping us promote scootering, run events, competitions and giveaways as well as helping to support our incredible team 🙌SO THANK YOU! ⁠


Name Location

Brand Sponsor

Kai Saunders 
BRISBANE, QLD  @dronescooters  @saundezy 
Jack Dauth COLOGNE, GERMANY @jack_dauth
Aviv Kapah TEL AVIV, ISRAEL @aviv.kapah
Lukan Gillard SYDNEY, NSW


Charlie McDonnell  BRISBANE, NSW @coreuk  @charlieemcdonnell
Bernie Concannon BRISBANE, QLD


Alvin Minor  NEW JERSEY, NY


Ethan Moore SYDNEY, NSW @1ethanmoore
Sven Baker SYDNEY, NSW @sven_7689
Kobe Jones  SYDNEY, AUST @k.obe___
Aidan Gomez BRISBANE, QLD  @aidan._.gomez
Jayden Gibson  CENTRAL COAST, NSW