About Us

AtlasCo is Australia's No 1 ’rider owned’ online Scooter retailer, offering a kick-ass curated range of Pro and Freestyle Scooters, Scooter parts, and accessories for passionate riders of today. We help you ‘cut through the clutter’ by stocking the best range of local and international brands that we love to ride ourselves.

Ultimately we are about pulling together the best of the best brands and providing easy and fast access to them via our online store, and fostering and promoting the freedom and connection that scooter riding is all about.

We make your selection easy and provide great value to our AtlasCo community, offering regular promotions, pop up deals, giveaways, riding competitions, jams and other events. We offer a very personalised service, local and global fast shipping and, if you need it, a price match guarantee.

We hope you love being a part of the AtlasCo community and we look forward to getting to know you, promoting inspiring local and international riders, and providing you with well-known and emerging brand scootering gear at great prices.

Our History  
The AtlasCo.online dream started back in early 2016, when a passionate young Sydney rider, started actively buying, selling, and trading scooter parts with his local riding community; as so many riders do. Building custom scooters, adapting and customising parts, pushing it hard every-single-day to learn new tricks, and exploring new parks was his thing. When the ‘meet ups’ at Sydney skateparks to trade parts; and drop offs or collections were becoming a daily occurrence, this young shredder decided he wanted to build his own retail scooter brand and offer the scootering community convenient access to the parts and accessories that he and his crew most love to ride.

Dream to Reality 
Fast forward to 2020,
with a big vision, and the help from his two business partners, the dream to pull together a kick-ass product offering for passionate street and park riders became a reality and AtlasCo.online was born during the 1st Australian COVID19 Lockdowns.

2023 and Beyond
And now with 3 years under our belt,
we have built a phenomenal community of passionate riders & customers who continue to push the limits of what's possible on their scooters, constantly progressing and most of all having fun and building community. We have since launched a sister brand AtlasCoKids,  a space for young riders, to encourage outdoor fun, showcase their skills and provide parents with only the best scooter parts for their young riders.

Ultimately, we are about playing an active part in the scooter culture we love,  whilst fostering, supporting, and promoting the scootering industry. We hope you like the brands we have selected, and get in touch if there is something we aren't currently stocking as we will bust our ass to get it for you.

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Each time you support our store, you are helping us promote scootering, run events, competitions and giveaways as well as helping to support our incredible team of sponsored riders 🙌SO THANK YOU! ⁠

Ride your heart out and Support Rider Owned!