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Featuring the all-new Series 2 parts, the Drone Shadow 2 Complete is lighter and stronger than its predecessor, creating one of the most exciting Drone products to hit the Scooter Hut shelves.

Crafted out of the highest quality materials, including lightweight 7-series aluminium components, Drone have created an incredibly stylish complete scooter.

The centrepiece of the Shadow 2 Complete is the redesigned and lighter Shadow deck featuring a reinforced headtube and (124mm) 4.9" wide x (495mm) 19.5" long tapered extrusions.

Y-style chromoly Shadow 2 bars at 650mm (25.6") high x 530mm (20.9") wide provide a comfortable ride while adding strength where it's needed.

Finished with 120mm Luxe 2 Wheels and Contrast 2 oversize clamp, both constructed from lightweight 7075 aluminium, the Drone Shadow 2 Complete is sure to turn heads at the skatepark.


Reduced Weight - Components crafted from 7-Series aluminium along with a reduction of unnecessary weight brings the Shadow Complete down from over 4kgs to a very functional 3.8kgs.

Increased Strength - A new reinforced headtube design and a continuation of the stronger chromoly bars provide added strength in the right areas.

Dripping in Style - With every detail meticulously designed, and 3 colourways to choose from, the Shadow 2 Complete is one of the best looking scooters ever produced.